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Engaged with Banff’s History

Through places and spaces that make history come alive, Bowstrings Heritage Foundation connects people with the past to help them understand the present and anticipate the future.

Bowstrings restores and animates Alberta heritage sites to add cultural and economic value to Banff National Park. We work to create a sense of belonging and recognition among those who engage with our sites and their stories.

Bowstrings Banff strives to model adaptive reuse, and serve a relevant community resource. Through programming, research and presentations, we create opportunities for enhancing Rocky Mountain heritage.  Watch for more about us as 2021 unfolds.

“Heritage is a vital quality of culture enabling people to look ahead; like an archer drawing a bowstring, the farther back one draws the string, the farther and truer one’s future aim.”

Photo Credit

Bow River and Goat Mountain, Byron Harmon, Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies (V263/na-4413)